Boynapped - Making Use Of Little Maxxie - Sean Taylor & Maxxie Rivers

Complete unstitched 3 parts

Part 1:

Kinky dom Sean is in charge, as he always is when he has a smooth little twink like Maxxie to play with. The boy is obedient, following instructions while Sean ties him to the cross, naked from the start of course. Once he has his boy secured by ropes he gets to work with the pinching clothespins, but even the pain from those isn’t enough to stop the boy’s rampant cock from throbbing up stiff like a rocket. Will the pain of ripping those clothespins away make the boy limp? Just see for yourself. It seems this boy really needs Master Sean to make him cum. Maybe he’ll get his wish in part 2?

1920x1080 28m57s

Rel. Jun. 9 2022

Part 2:

Master Sean isn’t ready to let the boy cum just yet, but he knows how to make it a lot more fun for both of them in the meantime. Maxxie is leveled out on the cross, hanging from chains, the perfect height for some anal exploration. The little twink has never experienced anything like this before. The toys ease into his pucker, stretching him out, while Sean licks his balls, slurps his dick and wanks himself off. Maxxie is new to fisting, but Sean is determined to get most of his hand and wrist inside the boy’s super snug hole. Will he even be able to cum after this? Will Sean finally let him? Stay tuned to find out.

1920x1080 26m24s

Rel. Jun. 10 2022

Part 3:

Little Maxxie has been through so much torment, from being sucked and punished with clothespins to having his tight little hole stretched and fisted. Finally Master Sean is ready to steal the boy’s cum, but it’s not going to be simple. Still roped to the cross the boy is slowly and methodically wrapped in tight plastic, unable to move even an inch. His cock is freed from the plastic so Sean can enjoy it, making it even more interesting by hoisting the boy up to swing upside down! After everything little Maxxie has endured it’s no wonder he’s so desperate to shoot his load for Master Sean

1920x1080 30m39s

Rel. Jun. 15 2022


種子 / 种子 / Torrent