Bring Me A Boy - He Looks At Me Different - Florian Mraz & Tom Malone

It’s good to have friends who will help out even when you don’t ask. Florian is home from practice and is very sore. Lucky for him, Tom is there and offers to give him a nice rub down. Florian jumps at the offer, takes his shirt off, and lays flat on the couch, where Tom straddles him and starts rubbing his back. They flip over and continue until Tom finds his hands wrapped around Florian’s cock. He strokes it for a little before putting it down his throat, licking up and down the shaft as Florian moans. Then it’s Tom’s turn to get his beautiful dick and balls worked before Florian turns him on his side and slides his dick in his ready hole. Florian pumps Tom hard and deep on the couch until Tom takes over, riding Florian up and down like a jockey. Tom then gets on his back and strokes a load out of his cock while Florian fucks his hole. Florian then pulls out and shoots his cum all over Tom. Just what he needed.

1920x1080 17m36s


種子 / 种子 / Torrent