Irmaos Dotados - Warming App for the Gay Parade - Tulio & Thiago

Two guys arrive in São Paulo for the Gay Parade 2022 and stay at the same hotel, as they just arrived, the two both go to the hotel’s restaurant and coincidentally enter the app and the closest profile of course is each other. They exchange looks, one sends a message and the other doesn’t respond, one leaves and the other follows, both meet at the elevator door and coincidentally go down together on the same floor, but Túlio, who is a little more outgoing, goes back and asks if Thiago doesn’t want to invite him in, they exchange some ideas, discuss the reason why they came to São Paulo and leave for a delicious fuck. Túlio and Thiago after a very nice sex are already going to Parade Ready

1920x1080 26m54s bareback

Rel. Jun. 17 2022


種子 / 种子 / Torrent