Men At Play - Desperate Realtor - Kit Cohen & Rocky Vallarta

Real Estate agent Rocky Vallarta urgently needs to sell a condo he has listed - or he’ll likely lose his job. Luckily, Rocky has a showing today with top real estate investor Kit Cohen. But while viewing the property, Mr. Cohen does not seem impressed or interested. There is, however, something that gets his attention – while Rocky is on his knees trying to fix a plumbing problem himself, Kit gets a good look at the desperate realtor’s “assets”.

How bad does Rocky want the sale? Bad enough to let the cocky Kit Cohen do anything he wants to him in order to get the deal closed!

Kit first gets a taste of the realtor’s ass, then fucks it hard and deep. In the end, Rocky ensures he not only clinches the deal but also gets Mr. Cohen’s deposit of warm sweet juice all over his ass.

1920x1080 26m14s

Rel. Jun. 17 2022


種子 / 种子 / Torrent