Military Classified - Dustin 3 - Anal

Guess who’s back? Yep! Dustin has returned and this country bumpkin is back to stick his dick in a dude’s ass…Rob has offered him enough to give this a try for the first time ever and I caught it all on tape! Watch as Rob maneuvers his way to sit on Dustin’s cock and ride that boy home!

As you all know Dustin is from the south and joined the Army recently to get out out of Tennessee and see the world. It’s his first time in California, the beaches, and the women.. he can’t stop talking about since he got here. Once we got all the particulars out of the way, we got down to business.

From the very beginning Dustin has been a little apprehensive and questionable about what I did but when I flew him out to Cali, he saw the set up and realized it was legit, he was nervous as hell to get the process started. It comes across as cocky on tape but I could tell he was a little nervous going through the motions.

Once cameras were rolling, I took over and never looked back as I began my work. Dustin was on the bed and I started sucking his cock while he played with my ass. Once I had him rock hard I mounted that boy right on the bed cowboy backwards and he was just as uncomfortable as he could be and I was loving it!

From there I bent over the edge of the bed and from behind Dustin railed it in my ass pounding in small mighty strokes and actually impressing himself with the way he was handling the “guy in the ass” thing and finally had to pull out and spray my ass.. he even came in my ass… creampie anyone?

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Rel. Apr. 8 2022(T5V.NET)


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