Str8Hell - Eli Zoubek & Peto Mohac RAW - DUTY BOUND

Sexy Eli Zoubek is naked and shackled, as well as blindfolded. His dick is hard too as he struggles against the shackles. Peto Mohac comes in and starts to feel Eli’s chest, slapping it too. He kisses and licks Eli as well. Peto’s hands explore all over Eli’s hot body, giving some spanks otoo. Peto pulls on Eli’s nipples too and reaches down to wank the stiff cock. The Peto pull out his own cock and shoves it into Eli’s mouth. He fucks his dick hard into Eli’s mouth, going balls deep. Peto undoes the blindfold so Eli can see the big dick he has to lick and suck. The big cock fucks Eli’s mouth and he manages to take it all. But, of course, he is due to get more. Soon he is on his knees to present his ass for fucking. But a plug goes in that ass first. It stretches the hole as Peto slides it in and out. Then it goes all the way and stays in the hole as Eli’s dick is wanked. His ass is spanked too. Soon that plug is discarded and Peto gets a dildo on a pole. He lubes it and shoves it into Eli’s hole. The pole is used to fuck hard into the hole as Eli’s cock is wanked as well. Peto’s cock stays rock hard as he abuses Eli’s hole. The dildo is fucked roughly into the ass, and pulled out and then shoved in again. That gaping hole takes it so well. Then Peto is ready to fuck. He climbs up and shoves his throbbing cock deep into Eli’s hole. He fucks hard, slapping his balls on the ass as the cock goes deep inside. Peto’s own hot little hole is exposed too as he fucks Eli as deep as he can. Then Peto stands and fucks that hot hole as he grabs the hips for leverage. He spanks on Eli’s ass too as he fucks it. He pulls out and shoves the dick back in as he fucks. Eli is then turned over onto his back. Peto’s cock goes back into the hole to fuck more. That big cock pounds hard into Eli’s receptive hole. Eli wanks his own stiff dick as he hole takes Peto so well. Peto’s hard pounding of the eager hole soon forces the cum out of Eli’s dick. He milks his cock dry as Peto keeps fucking. Peto is soon ready to unload too. He pulls out and wanks a huge cumshot out of his dick, over Eli. Then he leans down to kiss him.

1920x1080 25m20s

Rel. Jun. 17 2022


種子 / 种子 / Torrent