Str8Hell – Michal Renok & Peto Mohac RAW – AIRPORT SECURITY

Peto Mohac is the lucky guy in charge of Airport Security when handsome Michal Renok is apprehended. It seems that Michal as been caught on camera damaging a car to steal a phone. Peto enjoys such situations as he turns them to satisfy his every desire. He threatens to take Michal to the police, hoping that Michal wants to avoid that. He offers two options, suck cock or go to jail. Then Peto leaves Michal, giving him time to think. Michal is reticent wanting another way out, but there is none. Peto drops his pants and exposes his cock and balls. He makes Michal wank him and then suck him too. Michal doesn’t want to, but does it to avoid jail. He wanks on Peto’s growing cock and sucks it too. Peto takes off his shirt as well as his dick gets rock hard from being sucked. He fucks his dick into Michal’s reluctant mouth. Michal is compliant and soon is bare-chested too as the dick is fucked hard into his mouth. He wanks the stiff cock as well, seeming to really get into the action. Peto fucks hard into Michal’s mouth. Then Michal licks up and down the shaft of that rock hard dick. He takes off his shorts too, exposing his cock and balls as he again has to suck on Peto’s dick. Then Peto bends Michal over, standing behind him. He pushes his throbbing cock into Michal’s tight ass hole and starts to fuck. Michal grimaces but takes that big cock up his ass. Peto’s hips thrust the dick deep into Michal’s ass. He gives the ass a spank too as he fucks that tight hole. The fucking is relentless as the big cock opens the hole up. The Michal is laid on his back, legs up, and his hot ass hole gets fucked more. He wanks himself as he feels the big dick up his ass. Wanking hard on his cock, as his ass is fucked deep, Michal shoots his cum all over his belly. He milks his dick dry as Peto continues to fuck him hard. Then Peto pulls his dick out of that hole and wanks the cum all over Michal’s cock and balls.

Duration: 16:13(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent