The Diamond Stud (1995) Tyger Films

Director Jerry Douglas

Alex Eingang

Chad Anderson

Chris McKenzie

Dan Cross

J.T. Sloan

Kenneth Weyerhaeuser

Matt Pittman

Rick Thomas

Rip Stone

Robert Horne

Rusty Samuels

Steven Marks

K Richard Locke Buddha, the manager

N Dave Kinnick

N Lori Rose

N Roxanne Carol

N Susan Easton

K=Cameo; N=Non-sexual role

The story of a rock star: Diamond Stud.

In my opinion, Steven Marks is extreme eye-candy. Rick Thomas is quite good as a rock star with flair, and he is also adorable, because he is always telling Marks “Suit yourself” when Marks is hesitant to abandon his straight life. The auto-fellatio scene is not only amazing – It’s also fun to watch. The romantic finish reminded me of the wonderful last scene of “Buckleroos.” I loved this film.

Steven Marks, Alex Eingang, Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas, Rusty Samuels, Steven Marks solo

Steven Marks, Robert Horne, Matt Pittman

J.T. Sloan, Chris McKenzie, Rick Thomas

Chad Anderson, Rip Stone

Steven Marks, Rick Thomas


種子 / 种子 / Torrent