Bare Twinks - Shameless Boys Go Crazy (2022)

Featuring Andrew Lee, Andy Kay, Avery Jones, Billy London, Cody Long, Elijah Young, Jason Valencia, Jasper Robinson, Justin White, Matthew Cole, Nico Michaelson, Ryker Madison & Zack Love

Some boys have no shame, and to prove the point the folks at Bare Twinks have brought together a stupendous collection of some of the sluttiest gay lads ever. Dudes like Ryker Madison, Cody Long and Zack Love, who simply cant resist the temptation of dick, and who are soon sucking and fucking like the animals they were clearly born to be. No reservation from these twinks, thats for sure; as they fornicate time and again whenever they get the chance; savouring every rampant inch, before readying themselves to unleash a torrent of pent-up cum to demonstrate just how much theyve enjoyed it. In the bedroom, in the shower they dont care, so long as theyre getting to empty their nads all over each other!

1920x1080 1h35m

Rel. Jul. 7 2022 (Scenes released individually some time ago)(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent