CockyBoys - Cody Seiya & Tyler Wu [720p]

Release: June 16, 2022

Length: 28m 38s

Meet Cody Seiya & Tyler Wu, two of the hottest guys producing their own erotica, collaborating with us in their CockyBoys debuts! As these friends introduce themselves, it’s easy to see their mutual admiration and compatibility and their chemistry when they kiss and Cody goes down on Tyler.

Intuitively Cody Seiya just knows how to please Tyler, who in turn sucks Cody and shows the same talent and taste for cock. They’re so in tune with each other that they barely have to speak when Tyler moves from sucking Cody to sitting on his cock and riding him.

Their sensual fucking gets more intense as Tyler rides Cody Seiya and turns sideways to take deep thrusts into his hole. In time though, Tyler wants to be fucked on his back–but Cody wants to eats his ass first. With Tyler bent over, Cody gets into deep ass-eating and then segues into fucking him from behind with increasing intensity.

Finally though, Cody Seiya gives Tyler what they BOTH want and he drills him on his back. Soon, while Cody pounds Tyler, he goes over the edge and shoots a long-lasting load over him which Tyler uses as lube. With Cody plugging him more, Tyler shoots HIS load which Cody licks up and kisses him with. As they kiss, Cody & Tyler are reminded why they miss each other—and can’t wait to do it again(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent