Corbin Fisher - ACS1003 - Dylan Turns Liam With The Girl

Liam had mentioned to me he had long thought porn would be an awesome job for him and loads of fun, and this blazing hot episode you’re about to enjoy is proof positive this handsome, tall, buff, hung stud is a total natural when it comes to having sex on camera and indeed a star in the making.

Dylan would be the first to tell you that right here and now - Liam rocks Dylan’s world in this one, and turns Dylan in to a huffing, moaning, sweating, groaning, gasping mess (but a damn hot one at that) as Liam relentlessly drives every hard inch of his uncut cock and out of Dylan’s hole.

I get the impression Liam wanted to impress Dylan, really wanted to impress the girl, and definitely wanted to impress all of us with his performance here. This is the first time we’re seeing him in action, and you never quite know how a guy is going to take to the new (and often intimidating experience) of having sex with an audience for the first time. On top of all that, Liam is having sex with another guy, and it’s in a bi threesome where he’s also fucking a girl. All these factors could be quite daunting, and understandably so, to many a stud. Not Liam, though - he shines here, and leaves no doubt we’re in for some incredible sessions with him in the future!

1920x1080 20m57s

Rel. May 13 2022【T5V.NET】


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