Erection Inspection (2001)

Title: Erection Inspection (2001)

Studio: Blade Productions

Director: Blade Thompson

Starring: Eddie Gomez, Gus Avery, Michael Thomas Scott, Mitch, Norman Corvette, Ricki Torres, Sven Fox

Resolution: 720x540

Codec: Xvid video; MP3 audio; 2559 kbps

Runtime: 01:08:57

File Size: 1.23 GB

From the studio:

In ERECTION INSPECTION, guys in the military inspect each other’s equipment to make sure it’s working properly! First, when Private Norman Corvette reports to Commander Gus Avery’s office, Gus gives him a surprise erection inspection, leading to Gus topping Norman over the Commander’s desk. Next, Private Mitch gets his grunt buddy Private Michael Thomas Scott to practice with him for their erection inspection. The two are guaranteed perfect inspections when Mitch tops Michael in front of some camouflage netting. Then, Commander Gus Avery returns to give Private Sven Fox an erection inspection in the latrine. This time, however, it’s the plucky Private who tops the commanding Commander! Finally, Private Ricki Torres helps his buddy Private Eddie Gomez prepare for their upcoming erection inspection when Ricki tops Eddie back at the barracks!

From the Gay Erotic Video Index site:

Scene 1: In his office, at a curved blond desk with a gray computer monitor, Commander Gus Avery sucks Private Norman Corvette; Norman sucks Gus; Gus rims Norman leaning over the desk; Gus tops Norman from behind, then in missionary position on the desk.

Scene 2: In front of a wall covered with ragged green-gray camouflage netting, Mitch sucks Michael Thomas Scott; Michael sucks Mitch; Mitch tops Michael bending over, then in missionary position on the floor.

Scene 3: In a white men’s room with a white tile floor, Commander Gus Avery sucks and rims Private Sven Fox; Sven tops Gus bending over.

Scene 4: On a set with a couple of green lockers, some bamboo mats, and camouflage netting hung on the back wall, Ricki Torres sucks Eddie Gomez; Eddie sucks Ricki; Ricki tops Eddie from behind kneeling on a folding bed with an army green blanket, then in missionary position.(T5V.NET)


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