Falcon International - Hungarian Graffiti (2003)

Description: Graffiti artists Daniel Halasz and Martin Sandor make a run for it when they’re discovered adding the finishing touches to their latest graffiti work. Safe inside their prismatic hideout, the two muscled studs harness their adrenaline for more satisfying purposes…namely quenching the desire they feel for each other in a steamy session of intense sexual play.

Isidore Nadas connects with fellow graffiti artist Andras Molnar to plan their next project, but Isidore’s lover George Vidanov is feeling neglected. Isidore can’t deny that he’s had other things on his mind, but they can certainly make up for lost time—and soon the lovers are intertwined in erotic play. Andras interrupts, and Isidore invites him to join in for a steamy threesome which pushes these studs into a powerful triple eruption of satisfactions Policeman Jonathan Collins warns officers Jacob Matthias and Adam Gosett that if they don’t foil the capers of the graffiti artists, their operation will be eighty-sixed….it’s time to get serious. In an effort to show their superior just how serious they are, Adam and Jacob drop to their knees and begin servicing Collins. In this session of sucking, rimming, probing and fucking, these three studs show their dedication to hot mansex.

Isidore Nadas and Andras Molnar have convened to pack up their paints and lay low for awhile after their latest tagging adventure was tipped off to the police. Beni Laczko and Eric Hanner arrive to help with the move, but their chiseled forms are just too much distraction for Isidore and Andras to ignore. The four men engage in a lusty celebration of the flesh, servicing each other in a sultry succession of positions and pairings until each muscled stud is soaked and satisfied.

Cast: Adam Gosett, Andras Molnar, Beni Lackzo, Daniel Halasz, Eric Hanner, George Vidanov, Isidore Nadas, Jacob Matthias, Jonathan Collins, Martin Sandor

Director: Steve Kiraly

Duration: 01:15:37(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent