Forced Service (1997) Centaur

Director Chip Daniels

Anthony Gallo

Billy Dare

Bobby Golden

Chris Rock

Ethan-Michael Ayers

K.C. Hart

Matthew Easton

Shawn London

Sweet William

A Chip Daniels film as contemporary as today’s headlines. A story of young Marine recruits and sexual harassment, but this time, it’s men on men. They tell their stories of life in the Marines as you’ve only imagined. In “Forced Service,” you see it in all its explicit detail. When MP London comes to investigate the charges of sexual harassment by Private Hart, he not only learns all the lurid details, but has a chance to experience them first hand. Our cameras are there as various sex scenes between the sergeants and their men and between the men themselves, unfold, in all of their sucking, fucking, cock pounding, ass-stretching fury.

  1. Bobby Golden, Sweet Williams

  2. Anthony Gallo, Billy Dare

  3. Matt Easton, Shawn London

  4. Ethan-Michael Ayers, K.C. Hart【T5V.NET】


種子 / 种子 / Torrent