Hard Corps Recruits (1997) Centaur

Original title Raw Recruits. 2 hours 27 minutes

director Chip Daniels

Brad Eriksen

Brett Winters

David Russell

Drew Andrews

Drew Evans

Jake Cannon

Kyle McKenna

Mark Andrews (90s)

Tim Boyd

In Raw Recruits, men go man-to-man, toe-to-toe, mouth-to-mouth and top-to-bottom during a very special basic training. The story begins with Kyle McKenna’s father forcing him to join the Marines in order to straighten him up and make him fly right, but the futile plan soon backfires. First, Tim Boyd unwinds with Mark Andrews in the barracks after a long day of basic maneuvers. Newcummer Drew Evans watches from his bunk and learns how to make a man the Marine way. New, Dr. Dave Russell performs an extreme physical on Kyle McKenna. Then, Brett Winters goes sexually AWOL with Jake Canon, and finally, Brad Ericksen gets initiated by Drew Andrews. You know the drill! Get Raw Recruits today!

  1. Mark Andrews, Tim Boyd, Drew Evans solo

  2. Dave Russell, Kyle McKenna

  3. Brett Winters, Jake Cannon

  4. Brad Eriksen, Drew Andrews(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent