Military Classified - Kase (Oliver Dean) 4 Scenes

Kase aka Oliver Dean

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1 Military Classified - Kase 1 - Blowjob

Today I’m introducing a new recruit to the MilitaryClassified line up and his name is KASE! This little all American stud prefers women but for the right price… well… he will bend. With that in mind, I made my move and within a few days I had him on a plane to Cali to meet me and change his porn world! Watch as Kase catches wind of my cock sucking and is dumbfounded when I squeeze that load out of his cock.. without his help!

When Kase arrived to my studios he was young looking, starry eyed and ready to work. We filled out all the paperwork necessary and immediately got started shooting. I’ve been bringing in out of state talent lately and I think its giving my line up a more rounded look than what I was accustomed to having with just Cali guys! Kase is no exception, he’s blonde, blue eyes, all American and as horny as any straight boy can be.

Once the cameras started rolling I wasted no time in getting my hands on that smooth trim body of his. I wanted to see what he looked like in Cammies so even though he’s not military, I sometimes put the guys in uniforms because they look so hot in them. Kase is no exception. Once the uniform came off, I made my way to his crotch and I was off to the races.

I began sucking and licking his balls, which lead to the shaft of his cock and then soon, I was tickling the mushroom head of his cock with my tongue and it was all over. Once I put my warm mouth on his cock, he closed his eyes in satisfaction and sunk into the bed. He put his hands behind his head and I was non stop on his cock and he was enjoying every minute of it.

In the end, Kase was the victim and Rob was the aggressor as he took Kase to the point of no return and with his starch look on his face did he realize that I was about to make him cum. It almost came as a surprise because when he busted he not only shot my face but everywhere else that a 21 year old stud would shoot with a loaded weapon! YUM YUM!

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Rel. May 22 2020

2 Military Classified - Kase 2 - Anal

Today is a special day and I’ve invited KASE back to the studios to shoot another episode of his gay for pay experience. I’ve managed to convince him to let me ride his ass in many different positions but I think the one that did the trick was doggie style over the bed with his legs spread. Watch as Kase performs in true form and delivers an ass pounding that left me speechless!

When Kase arrived to my studios he was ready to go and I was only to happy to get thing started. I began to suck his cock but only for a moment because he was hard as soon as I did and I was ready to move on to the fucking. I initially started with my go to position and I like to start with this position because it not only gets me a loosened up a little but I also get to see his face as I slide up and down his cock. I’m in complete control which I love!

That position turned in to the reverse cowboy position and that one was the one that was working for Kase the best. Little by little with each position we went too, Kase was becoming more weak and looking a little less confident about lasting. I knew that I was breaking him down and to the point of no return so I decided to switch it up one more time to buy him some more time.

Next we went to the doggie style position over the bed and this was the position that Kase continued to fuck my ass but this boy is accustomed to fucking for hours because his resistance was truly rock star status. I could only take so much of that pounding before I knew he had to take this to the end and deliver that load all over my ass.

Kase was getting to a place where he knew he was loosing control and began jack off as he got him self close to nutting. Because he couldnt nut fucking he decided to beat his meat close to nutting and then shove it back in my ass as he blew his load all over my ass! What a beautiful mess. To top it off, Kase takes the camera in his hands and survey’s the mess!

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Rel. Jun. 19 2020

3 Military Classified - Kase 3 - Anal-feet

KASE is back in action and this young straight boy returned for more money and a crack at Rob’s ass! Today I’ve convinced this guy to stick his dick up my gay ass and fuck me and fuck me good. Watch as I break him down, step by step, from licking his feet to sitting on his dick. In the end KASE fucks to the point of no return by setting up for a cream pie but ended up sticking it back in and delivering it all up my ass!

Kase traveled from the East Coast to shoot with me so I shoot a few scenes with him and this one started off just most of my movies do… me worshipping! When the cameras started rolling I entered the bedroom and Kase was on the bed gently playing with himself and I made my way right to his feet. I sniffed his socks, pressed both his feet up against my face and took a deep whiff!

Before long he was stripped of his socks and his feet were exposed, soft, gentle to the touch and ready for me to suck each and every toe. Kase had this interesting look on his face as I was doing it and paused for a moment because I don’t think he was ready for what I was doing. The clothes came off and Kase was laid on the bed and watched as I made naked ass towards him on the bed to suck his cock. Kase begins playing with my ass and soon I was 69’ing with him as he ate some booty and I sucked his cock. Well that put him right in the mood to fuck and that’s exactly what we did next. First he put me on the bed on my back and began to fuck little by little, inch by inch in my ass and soon he was pounding like a pro! Next he flipped me over and I was in the doggie style position for the kill! Kase continued the fucking and fucking he did. He grabbed me by the hips and began to ram his cock in and out of my ass and that didn’t stop him from taking it to the brink. Kase drilled my ass so good and hard that I couldn’t take it any longer and he went after a cream pie with my ass in the air just wanting for it.. well that didn’t happen instead, he shoved it back in my ass delivered it direct and raw!

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Rel. Jul. 10 2020

4 Military Classified - Kase 4 - Blowjob

KASE is back for another round with Rob at his studios where all this mayhem takes place. Kase is your standard military grade meat for Rob and for him its just another day at the office but for Kase, it’s the first time he’s ever had his ass licked and sucked dry. Watch as Rob takes Kase through the motions of what a pussy being eaten feels like and takes Kase to a nut that he very much enjoyed delivering.

When Kase got into the bedroom he saw everything set up for the shoot and then began to ask how the scene would go down and once the cameras were rolling Kase was a little nervous about the ass eating because that’s something he’s definitely not use too. Rob is excellent at introducing sexuality to a straight guy in a very casual way making it easy for guys to just follow suit.

Once Rob had his clothes off, all bets were off and Rob began to suck this boy like he was the last cock on earth and Kase couldn’t barely stand it. Kase was getting his cock so well squeezed that his nut sack tightened up and then relaxed and let go… so basically bouncing up and down as Rob sucked even harder now. Soon Rob had Kase in a trans like state with a very serious look on his face… This can only mean one thing with Rob.

Rob threw Kases' legs in the air…literally and grabbing the back of his legs to prop. him up exposed a beautiful almost smooth ass that Rob totally capitalized on and soon as Kase nervously watched the porn, Rob was eating at the Y and I could see that he wasn’t use too this which drove me to satisfy him even more. The cock sucking was direct and on the attack.

In the end, Rob… glasses and all.. had to break from the action as Kase became more and more like the guy who is about to bust. Kase took over duties and began jacking himself off as he edged himself with me patiently waiting for the reward. Kase delivered like any normal hetero did and Rob was very satisfied with the end result.

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Rel. Jul. 27 2020(T5V.NET)


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