Only Fans - Jacob Thot

Only Fans - Jacob C Thot

From Jacob’s OF. There is a lot of lengthy content here so I broke it down like this:

pics (there aren’t many)

caps (caps of all the videos in the folders listed next)

solo (these are all solo wanking videos)

with friends (there are three total in that folder)

with Michael (this is the majority of the material)

This is just in case you fancy the videos with Jacob and Michael. Or you hate solo stuff. Choose your own adventure.

I’m not sure exactly what the relationship was between Jacob and Michael but it seems to have ended. Michael has deleted his OF and Twitter. These two guys have amazing chemistry together. They know exactly how to get each other off and there is so much laughing and smiling between them. Boyfriends? Fuck Buddies? Not sure. I do know that Jacob is a designer who has had his stuff on the runway and Michael composed music for his shows.

Wait till you see Michael’s long-distance cumshots. The lad SHOOOOOOOTS. Just scroll through the gallery above and look at all the shots I grabbed of him cumming.

If you are ratio/data concerned download the caps folder and only take the videos you think you might like. Each video has some kind of description and length.

I really enjoyed watching these.

I will be seeding 24/7, please be patient. Please seed for as long as possible once you have the file(s), do your part to help.(T5V.NET)


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