Passions of War 1 Honor (2005) All Worlds Blue Lagoon

Director Eugene

Federico Johnson

Fredy Costa

Joshua Rodgers (hu)

Julien Salieri

Julio Carillo

Kevin Cage

Lucio Maverick

Miguel Sabroso

Rick Gambon

Rick Perry

Rod Stevens

Sean Ryback

Ted Colunga

The first of a five part series. This is the saga of men in times of war and the special bonds they form among each other. They’re trained to watch each other’s back, and take care of each other’s lust. It is a bond only a soldier understands. Rick Perry is Sergeant Jonathan, in charge of training a platoon of new recruits in an island fortress. He warns them that the senior ranking men will be hard on their ass and working them till they prove themselves ready for battle. If you like masculine, military man-to-man lustful bonding…don’t miss this epic series!

  1. Miguel Sabroso, Sean Ryback

  2. Joshua Rodgers (hu), Ted Colunga

  3. Fredy Costa solo, Julio Carillo solo

  4. Federico Johnson solo, Julien Salieri solo

  5. Rick Perry, Rod Stevens

6.1. Rick Gambon, Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick

6.2. Lucio Maverick, Rick Gambon(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent