Passions of War 5 Initiation (2007) Blue Lagoon

Director Eugene

Antonio Moura

Derek Lyon

Mad Stefano

Manuel Martinez

Marco Sanchez

Tamas Eszterhazy

Tom Malik

Armed with big guns and even bigger cocks, two new soldiers find they will have to use both each time they feel threatened, and they teach their enemies a thing or two about taking some cock! This island is full of surprises for our hot-asses heroes, where they have to deal with the down and dirty loss of virginity sex. They find that island love is the best love!

Let your desires unfold with this tale of muscular soldiers set in an exotic locale with four hot sex scenes, up close camera angles, and all the fucking you can handle in one sitting!

  1. Marco Sanchez, Mad Stefano

  2. Tamas Eszterhazy, Derek Lyon

  3. Tom Malik, Manuel Martinez

  4. Mad Stefano, Antonio Moura(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent