[Regiment Productions] Cadet Convoy (2005)

Studio: Regiment Productions

Released: 2005

Director: Paul Barresi

Length: 1h 21m 22s

Resolution: 720p x 480p

Cast: Alan Gregory, Angel, Cameron Chase, Gavin Braun, K.Y. Roberts, Michael Brandon, Stonie, Zach Evans

U.S military officer hopefuls are looking for another kind of action on this dick-drenched, cum-coated, cadet campus. Michael Brandon is the school’s “Head Master” and everybody is watching Stonie’s back.

With that kind of distraction, it’s no wonder so many young men have their sights set on the U.S. Army.

Scene 1: At the Cadet Academy, Cadet Cameron Chase is in Headmaster Michael Brandon’s office, having overslept and missed morning maneuvers. Innocently, he asks Michael why he is called the headmaster. After replying that it is because he gives and gets good head, Michael whips out his famously long cock and shoves it into Cameron’s mouth.

Their encounter is quite verbal, with Michael encouraging Cameron as he does an admirable job sucking the huge piece of meat. They swap blowjobs, and Michael thoroughly tongues the lad’s asshole before they fuck. First the slender Cameron straddles tanned and hairy-chested Michael. Michael flips Cameron on his back, and he brings himself off, shooting onto his own chest. Michael stands, and splatters the now-kneeling Cameron’s chest and dog tags with his load. He drops to his knees beside the Cadet, and sensuously licks his hot cum off of his chest.

Scene 2: Cadet Zach Evans get caught jacking off on his cot by Sergeant Gavin Braun. With a thick southern twang, Gavin directs Zach to suck his cock, and Gavin continues the running commentary during their entire encounter. Gavin sucks Zach, then eats his ass before fucking him on the bed doggy-style. At climax Zach is on his back, and both guys pop their loads onto his abdomen.

Scene 3: Marine K.Y. Roberts is under the blanket on his cot. Cadet Stonie is seated on the floor nearby, watching, as K.Y. appears to be stroking his meat under the blanket. Upon noticing Stonie, the startled K.Y. accuses surly Stonie of insubordination, then perches on the edge of the bed and commands him to suck his cock. Stonie obliges with skill, deep-throating K.Y., who soon reciprocates with his own talented mouth.

Cadet Stonie gets to be top, fucking the compact and muscular K.Y. on his back on the cot. He thrusts long and hard, and K.Y. is really into it, egging him on. They shift to doggy-style for a while, before flipping K.Y. back over and both showering his chest with their loads.

Scene 4: Cadet Angel is mopping the floor while Alan Gregory is pointing out spots he’s missed. Alan leaves the room for a few moments, and returns to find Angel has shed his pants and is stroking his massive hard-on. Alan wastes no time in dropping to his knees and taking Angel’s cock into his mouth. Next slender, Latin Angel sucks tall blond Alan’s cock, before fucking Alan doggy-style on the floor. Soon Alan has shifted onto his back, and at climax both guys shoot onto his belly.(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent