Secrets of a Wrestler 2 Slam (2002) Pacific Sun

Director Csaba Borbély

Brian Wells

Claudio Antonelli

Eric Maestro

Fernando Nielsen

Fred Goldsmith

Jack Laurel

Jonathan Collins

Justin Stewart

Leslie Manzel (ps)

Luciano Endino

Nick Reiner

Rick Perry

Sergio Foster

13 Of the hottest studs doing what they do best… right in the sweaty gym.

But first a little towel play in the locker room leads to a quick round of muscle lust and hard man meat hot action. 2 Extremely hot hairy men make all the right moves in the shower and bring their long awaited fantasy to a ripe reality. Direct eye to eye… down to the crotch and back up to eye contact gets 4 ripped hot men into immediate raw and steamy action. A trip to the back office suddenly unleashes another 4 guys to compete in an extremely hot 4 way that leaves the screen smoking. One rock hard wrestler strips and exposes his hard rippled body and hard on. Immediately 2 other chiseled and horny wrestlers feel their sexual tension and jump right on it. Desire sexual gratification? Feel the heat and join right in!

  1. Fernando Nielsen, Claudio Antonelli, Rick Perry, Justin Stewart

  2. Luciano Endino, Eric Maestro

  3. Fred Goldsmit, Leslie Manzel, Nick Reiner, Brian Wells

  4. Sergio Foster, Jonathan Collins, Jack Laurel(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent