Str8Hell - Adam Junek Vs Petr Sunek - WRESTLING

Adam Junek and Petr Sunek are paired up for a submission wrestling match. They look good as, wearing just their tight underwear they do some warming up exercises. Then they start the match, quickly rolling all around the floor as they grapple with each other. They slide around on the oily mats and both are quickly divested of the underwear too. That exposes the cocks and their asses ss they each try to gain a decent hold. They look so good as they wrestle hard. Petr is the first to score, as he gets a good head hold. The bodies are closely entwined as they get to grips with each other trying to gain a scoring hold. Adam does just that to get his first point too. The cocks flair around as they grapple with each other. Their sexy asses spread too giving glimpses of the tight holes as well. Petr grabs at Adam’s cock resulting in a submission to win him another point. Then they take time to oil each other all over. Then it is on with the match again. This time they slide even more as the oil makes everything more slippery. Each guy tries hard to gain more winning holds with Adam scoring twice to take the match. Then they settle down to wank. They also wank each other briefly before Petr shoots his hot cum onto the mats. Adam continues to wank himself until he cums too. He milks himself dry and they clean each other off before going to the shower to wash up.

1920x1080 27m17s

Rel. Mar. 5 2021(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent