Str8Hell - Adrian Serdar vs Lukas Serek - WRESTLING

Adrian Serdar is matched against Lukas Serek for some submission wrestling. They both look very good, wearing just underwear, as they do some stretching to warm up. Then they start the match. They quickly fall to the floor as they grapple with each other. They each pull off the other’s underwear too so they can wrestle naked. The cocks flail as they roll around. Lukas is quick to gain a submission to win the first pointg. Then, with Adrian’s dick rock hard they start round 2. They grab at each other as the roll around. Adrian enjoys himself as he smacks Lukas' ass a few times. Both asses are shown well ass they spread naturally as they wrestle. Adrian gets a good neck hold to score a point. After taking a drink they start round 3, with Adrian’s dick rock hard again. The hot bodies are closely entwined as they roll around trying to get a good hold. Adrian works hard to gain another point. Then they take a break to oil each other all over. With the bodies glistening and slippery they resume the match. They slide around as they grapple with each other. Another good neck hold extends Adrian’s lead. That is soon followed by yet another to give the victory to Adrian. Then the guys settle down to wank. They get hard and then wank each other too, for a while. Wanking themselves again it is Adrian’s big cock that is first to release the cum. He shoots his load all over the place and milks himself dry as Lukas continues to wank. Then he shoots his load too, onto the floor. After milking his cock dry he goes off, with Adrian, to clean up in the shower.

1920x1080 24m34s

Rel. Jun. 24 2022(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent