Str8Hell – Mito Kovac – MILKING MEN

Mito Kovac is shackled to the bed and is wearing just his underwear. A helping hand arrives and begins to run hands over Mito’s sexy body. Soon the hands pull on the nipples and then grope the bulging underwear. A hand reaches into the underwear too releasing Mito’s stiff cock. As the big cock pokes out of the underwear oil is rubbed over Mito’s chest. Then more oil is used to coat that big cock. A hand wanks on the cock, as Mito’s hips begin to thrust too. The underwear is pulled aside to release the balls too as Mito’s cock is wanked. The underwear is pulled off too, giving a view of Mito'' hot ass and his tight hole in the process. Then his cock is wanked more. The wanking takes him right to the edge as both hands are used on it. The big cock stands proud as Mito’s balls are squeezed too. The cock is wanked hard and fast again. Then Mito’s legs are used to trap the cock and balls as he is turned onto one side, showing off his hot ass hole as well. That dick is wanked more too as the hole is fully exposed. The hands spank on Mito’s ass too and spread the cheeks wide to show off the hole. More oil is used as well, coating the hairy ass. The big cock stays nice and hard and gets wanked some more. Then the ass cheeks are spread wide to show off the hole. Mito the lays on his back, with his legs in the air as his big cock is taken to the edge again. His tight little hole is on view too as that cock is wanked. Lots more oil is squirted onto the cock, balls and ass hole A finger pushes into the tight hole as the cock is wanked again. Mito has a smile on his face as he feels the finger working his hole. His big dick stays hard too and gets wanked more. Then the shackles are removed and Mito turns over, onto his knees. He shows off that ass which gets spanked again. The big dick is pulled back between his legs too. Hands spread the oils ass cheeks and a finger pushes into the hole again. The cock is wanked hard as the finger fucks into that hot little hole. Mito turns over again and lays on his back as his rock hard cock is wanked again. Mito looks down at his stiff dick as the hand wanks it for him. The wanking gets faster and keeps going until Mito shoots his cum all over the bed and onto his sexy body. He writhes around as the hand continues milking the cock which feels so tender after cumming.

Duration: 19:49(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent