Str8Hell - Simon Best Vs Peto Mohac - WRESTLING

Peto Mohac is matched against Simon Best for submission wrestling. They both look very good indeed as they do some stretching to warm up. They are wearing just some bulging underwear as they warm up. Then they start the match. They are quickly grappling with each other as they roll all over the floor. Peto pulls Simon’s underwear off, leaving him naked. But Simon soon responds leaving Peto naked too as they grab at each other. Cocks flail and asses get spread as they frantically grapple to try and gain a good hold. After much effort Peto prevails to gain the first submission. They grab at each other and fall to the floor again as round two begins. As well as all the effort in trying to get a decent hold they playfully spank each other too. Peto straddles Simon, relishing being able to rub his cock in the face. The bodies are so closely entwined as each tries to gain a good hold. Simon manages to gain a second point with a good neck hold. Simon is working hard to respond, with each giving his all. Simon resorts to grabbing cock and balls to gain his first point. Then they take a rest to oil each other all over. The slippery bodies slide all over the place when the match resumes. Peto works very hard and manages another submission. Despite all his efforts Simon cannot withstand Peto’s onslaught and gives up another point. After a great victory Peto suggests they both have a wank. They sit on the floor and wank themselves. Then they wank each other briefly too, and are persuaded to kiss as well. Then wanking hard themselves both gets rock hard cocks. Peto wins the race to cum, shooting his load and milking himself dry. Simon continues to wank until his dick gives up the juice too. Then they go off to the shower to wash up.

1920x1080 23m56s

Rel. May 27 2022(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent