Tailpipes (2007) Raging Stallion

2 hours 10 minutes, widescreen 16:9

director Michael Brandon

Alexy Tyler

Bo Matthews

Dak Ramsey

Justin Christopher

Marcos David

Martin Mazza

Remy Delaine

Roman Ragazzi

TAILPIPES is a rough and tumble inside look at what goes on behind the scenes between San Francisco’s hottest mechanics. Filmed in a real garage with the summer’s hottest cast, this movie has the look and feel of porn at its best — because it IS porn at its best. Roman Ragazzi is the star of this movie — a sculpture of a man who is perhaps the hottest hunk alive today. He follows in the tradition of Francois Sagat — a perfect body, a wonderful smile, a huge manly cock, and a tight, well-muscled ass. Roman Ragazzi is the superstar for 2007 — a Zeb Atlas who actually gets fucked!!! This movie is a must-own for all fans of masculine men.

If you need a mechanic, Raging Stallion knows exactly where you should go to get the service you want with all the right tools. TAILPIPES is a non-stop thrill ride from bumper to bumper. Oil up your shaft and take a ride with 8 of the hottest men you’ve ever seen greasing the wheels and tuning up each and every inch. This movie will rev your engine and drive you across the finish line with flying colors!

  1. Alexy Tyler, Bo Matthews, Marcos David

  2. Remy Delaine, Roman Ragazzi

  3. Justin Christopher, Alexy Tyler

  4. Justin Christopher, Martin Mazza, Dak Ramsey(T5V.NET)


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