Active Duty - Kaden, Mason & Brock

I tease Mason a little bit about coming over to steal my men and he admits it’s ‘cause they’re pretty. We shoot the shit for a little while and I give Brock a hard time all in good fun while the pool game continues. It isn’t very long before Mason has forgotten all about the pool table and has got his hands on Brock’s hot ass. Mason decides there’s rules to this game and that you’ve gotta take something off if you miss a shot, but something tells me the game is just getting started. On the next shot, Kaden’s pants come off to reveal his hi-rise modest briefs and Mason turns red with excitement. Mason loses his shirt for the cause and by the next shot, Brock’s naked with his cock in Mason’s mouth. Kaden suddenly (or intentionally LOL) misses and joins the boys. In no time flat (three minutes) all these hotties are naked and Mason is just where he loves to be – on his knees in front of two hot cocks. Mason is stroking his hard, fat uncut cock as he sucks on the cock in front of him. Mason works both the cocks up to nice hard-ons as this pool game suddenly switches sticks and balls.(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent