BentleyRace - Brad Hunter - 4/4 - 16 VIDS

“Last week I met this really nice 20 year old guy named Brad Hunter here in Melbourne. Brad wrote me late last year about doing some modelling with us. I thought he looked pretty cute in his photos. So when I got back to Australia I got in touch with him again and organised a time for him to come around. Brad comes from the southern suburbs of Melbourne and like some of our mates, he has a girlfriend. The first thing I notice about Brad is his floppy hair and likely freckled face. From our chats before the shoot I knew he was going to be fairly laid back about modelling naked and trying a few new things. In this shoot in the studio we are just getting to know each other as Brad does a slow strip tease, and I take lots of photos. He is extremely fit, mostly smooth all over, and is already spring a boner before pulling down his jocks. I was actually really surprised when I saw that huge cock fall out of his jocks. Brad is extremely hung. It just rock hard very quickly as he lets it loose. Brad’s photos in the studio look great! We also had some fun making his first video. I will post it later this week. I am expecting Brad will join us for a lot of scenes this summer."(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent