Bring Me A Boy - Vincent Stone & Jean Gilliam - No Time For Games [1080p]

Raising a boy can be a lot of work, but raising a boy that looks as sweet as Jean is a whole other story. I can’t stay mad at him long. One look into his eyes, and I melt into a billion tiny pieces, and that’s when things get good. I went into his room, which was still a mess, after telling him to clean it up. Instead, he decided to play video games. Well, I have a few games I enjoy playing with Jean. After kissing his lips, I took my clothes off and watched as those lips sucked on the tip of my dick until I was rock hard. Then he laid back and let daddy get a taste of his delicious meat. I flipped my boy on his side and popped my shaft into his ass. I know it hurt him at first, but soon the pleasure overtook his pain, and he took my cock as trained until I finished with it.

1920x1080 22m12s

Rel. Nov. 4 2022(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent