DreamBoyBondage - Gabriel Cruz - Taken For Torture

Chapter 1: A beautiful college boy is snatched off the street while walking home then strung up in a dungeon and whipped by a muscular, young leather-man with a wicked sneer.

Chapter 2: An innocent college boy, snatched off the street by a horny leather-man, is painfully stretched, lifted by a winch up onto his tiptoes, then whipped and left to suffer.

Chapter 3: A beautiful young man awakes, after hours hanging from his wrists, bent over a small bench, his back arched painfully, his dick in another man’s mouth.

Chapter 4: College boy Gabriel gets hard and pretends to enjoy having his cock sucked by his tormentor, but he’s still brutally flogged on his chest and stomach.

Chapter 5: Gabriel knew he was going to be fucked, but he never imagined the pain of having a huge cock thrust into his virgin hole, lubed with nothing but spit.

Chapter 6: Sexy Gabriel suffers alone in the dark dungeon, chained to the ceiling. Then a new man appears and forces the straight boy to suck his massive cock like a whore.

Chapter 7: College boy Gabriel is face-down on the rack. Anthony whips the super-sensitive soles of his feet, then stretches and whips him some more, over and over.

Chapter 8: Anthony Martin continues to beat the young college boy he snatched off the street, stroking his firm ass and back, then switching to the cat-o’nine-tails.

Chapter 9: Young Gabriel is now stretched out face-up on the rack, his cock rock hard, as Anthony plays with his body and crops and flogs his feet, cock, chest and abs.

Chapter 10: Anthony’s slave is dragged into the dungeon once again, strapped to a table and fucked for hours, his eyes rolling back into his head. Then the cum flies, over and over.

Duration: 3.07 hrs.

Released: 10/2019(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent