Jong Master Services Smash Thompson

If there is one thing Jong Master loves to do, it’s taking a huge cock deep in his ass. The bigger it is and the more it stretches out his hole, the better. In turn, Smash Thompson craves bottom bitches who know their place in the bedroom and understand how to handle his big black cock. From the very beginning of their sexual encounter together, Jong Master and Smash Thompson felt a strong sexual energy overtake them. That’s because Jong is ready to service dick, and Smash is ready to enjoy it. First Jong sucks and swallows Smash’s meat with his mouth, treating the erection Smash Thompson has between his legs like the work of art it is. Eventually Jong Master spins around for Smash Thompson so the top can prove his name. He does not take it easy on Jong’s ass, that’s for sure!

From: Desperate For Dick (sc. 1)(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent