Military Classified - Langley Gold 10 - Anal-rim

Today I’m bringing back a relatively new recruit that has become a hit on the website and when you look at this str8 23 year old who stands 6'4" and a firm 200 lbs of lean, hard muscle. Watch as Rob maneuvers his ass right on LANGLEY’S face before Langley turns around and hits him from behind.

The scene started with Langley laying on the bed watching some porn and no socks or shoes on and as I made my way to the bed, he was already taking his clothes off and sporting wood. Yep already! Soon I was bent over on my knees on the bed and sucking away as he gently took his hand on my ass and began stroking and softly rubbing his hand back and forth on my ass cheeks.

I took a chance and mounted him spread eagle with my ass in the air and he didn’t hesitate to grab me by the his and pull my ass towards his face and then spit a little to lube up my hole and buried his face into my ass cheeks and I have to say that str8 guys know exactly how to eat an ass…which makes sense since they know how to eat pussy already.

Next we took the action to the edge of the bed where he stood behind me and began slowly began working his cock into my ass. Langley was bareback and hard as a rock entering my ass and soon he was pumping my ass in and out, in and out and I could barely handle how hard his cock was because it wouldn’t bend so whenever he made up or down movements, my asshole went with him.

Soon, he was stroking and fucking, stroking and fucking as he was getting himself to the point of no return. He was definitely enjoying this scene a lot more than I thought considering his original shoots didn’t even come close to this type of connection. He stroked his cock until he asked if he could deliver his load and sure enough he squirted in and out of my ass and he was totally spent when he finished and called it a day!

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Rel. Sep. 16 2022(T5V.NET)


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