Mundo Mais - Soldados - Rafael Mendes, Thiago Moreno e Gui Silva

To end the 12-year anniversary month of the MundoMais website with a flourish, we adapted the short story Soldados, by Anderson Oliveira, published in our short stories section. The story was a success and was also read in the audio-short section by Carlos Dantas.

The original text tells the story of soldier Braga (played by Rafael Mendes) and soldier Rezende (played by Thiago Moreno), who are on a mission in the jungle. The isolation and stress of the battlefield brings the two together and they end up having a relationship.

Actor Gui Silva plays the driver who gives Braga a ride on the side of the road in one of the flashback moments.

Duration: 48:42(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent