Staxus – Curtis Fitch, Nathan Hartley, Oliver Novak, Garrett Walker – Oliver's First Stop

A video in two parts. First part reciprocal blowjob, second fucking.

  1. Oliver Novak has agreed with his friends that they will get out of the city.

for a few days, and everyone will go to a campground by a lake.

But his friends messed up his plans, so Oliver decided to go there alone. The first unexpected stop was in a village not far from the campground, where Oliver asked a local young boy Garrett Walker carrying a crate full of potatoes whether he was going in the right direction.

That kind ordinary village boy not only willingly offered Oliver something cold to drink, but also enthusiastically sucked Oliver’s huge horny dick, and of course Oliver also enjoyed sucking the dick of the village boy, who did not usually have many opportunities to cum in that small village.

  1. Curtis Fitch (Casper Randall) and Nathan Hartley are two 19-year-old boys who are spending a weekend summer afternoon by a beautiful village pond. It‘s a pond on the edge of a small village, and the boys walk around it and then sit for a while and talk. Nathan has been living in this village since childhood, and Curtis sometimes comes to the village to visit his grandparents. For that reason, both boys have known each other since childhood.(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent