Falcon – Andre Donovan, Pietro Duarte and Pol Prince – Body & Sol

之前我们提到过的橄榄球队长结束掉比赛后,这次和其他两位朋友一起去度假顺带想Spa放松一下,但三个热血方刚的骚年怎么可能那么清淡,真的too young, too naive. 不战斗到最后一刻是不会停的。

Andre Donovan is just looking to hit the spa and relax while on vacation, but Pietro Duarte and Pol Prince have other plans for the international traveller. The two hotel guests proposition Andre as he walks by their room and just like that, Andre is opening up holes and pounding it out in an aggressive threeway. When the language is sex, Andre quickly conquers all barriers. No conversation is needed as Andre thrusts his bareback cock into Pol’s ass while simultaneously using his tongue to service Pietro’s hole. Pietro’s bubble butt hops over to ride Pol before the bottom is nutting all over his own thick thighs and going down to lick up the fresh loads that Pol and Andre are spitting out.

Duration: 30:32(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent


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