Military Classified - Dwight & Jordi Anal

Today is a special day because I’ve put together a duo that brings the past with the present. You all remember DWIGHT, well he’s back and I’ve paired him up with new comer JORDI and sparks flew as these two took center stage and JORDI laid back as DWIGHT in all his str8 glory, redefines Jordi’s asshole in a whole new way!

Although the guys were a little nervous when they met, they broke the ice and began chatting back and forth, laughing and giggling to the bitches getting fucked on the TV monitor and playing with themselves through their clothes until finally DWIGHT whipped out his 9 incher and when Jordi caught glimpse of it, he wasted no time leaning over and started sucking on Dwight’s half hard cock.

The guys switched off sucking each other and Jordi got Dwight rock hard and soon the fucking began and it was downhill the rest of the way. Dwight put Jordi in the bed and bent over Dwight stood behind Jordi driving his big fat cock inside Jordi’s ass little by little until he slid in and out easily giving Dwight some room to let go!

Soon Dwight was in full fuck mode and Jordi was handling it like a champ. Dwight began to plunge deeper into Jordi’s ass and the expressions on Jordi’s face were telling. Dwight grabbed Jordi by the hips and pulled him towards him and then drove it even deeper in his ass and I knew that it was beginning to break down Dwight.

I could see that Jordi was beginning to lose his grip on the situation and the look of “I can’t take this much longer” was evident on his face. Dwight on the other hand had a look of “i’m getting there and its about to go so hang on a little while longer” as he bit his lip seconds before he pulled out and cream pied Jordi’s ass with a beautiful display of str8 jizz!

1280x720 10m49s bareback

Rel. May 20 2022(T5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent


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