Helix – Antu Burghos & Vincent Landi – Patagonia Funny Adventure, Part 4 – Hot Trekking

In the penultimate episode of our trip through Patagonia, Antu continues in search of men who will satisfy him. While Vincent is trekking through the trails of the natural and wild place, Antu enjoys on a rock admiring the lake. Vincent takes some selfies and meanwhile they do not stop looking at each other, they are attracted to each other so they go straight to bed. These guys with glasses take off their clothes while kissing passionately. In both boxers, the penises get hard and the kisses turn into licking and sucking. Antu is in an attitude of total surrender and Vincent has his virile member very hard and pointing upwards… Soon they are naked, Vincent penetrates Antu with his cock in his mouth while he gropes his big, peach-shaped ass. Will it be just as sweet? Vincent gets up from behind, Antu eagerly surrenders his tail, lets himself be penetrated smiling with pleasure … Young Latin men have sex like this in doggy position, with force, with mad moans and a lot of youthful energy. After they turn on their side, the ass is open and relaxed, the asset does not stop penetrating it with speed and force. They keep switching positions in a sexual frenzy, sweating and screaming, Vincent knows how to use his HUGE penis very well. Antu will ask him to finish him in the hole of the anus and he will do it to please him. He puts his penis full of semen back in and then they kiss until Antu releases his load … These guys heat up the cold air of Patagonia.

Duration: 20:07

Rel.: April 14, 2021(T5V.NET


種子 / 种子 / Torrent